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About Us

RESIDENCE PLACE MONT ROC aims for excellence in serving residents and assuring their safety, security & well-being. Offering an independent living environment, with a family atmosphere, our home is established to provide the highest quality of care and support.

Each resident’s individuality and personality can flourish in our social and active environment. Our staff, whom we continuously educate and equip with tools to enhance the quality of life of our home, will help guide residents on their journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Chef coking in retirment home

Our Mission


We strive to offer the best care to your loved ones to ensure your peace of mind and the happiness of our guests.


Diane & Carol

"Our mother had chosen PMR as a residence since it was in her neighborhood and she had a good friend living there. Four months later, we are pleased to note that she now has many friends, a broadened family, including all the caring staff at the residence! She really enjoys the pleasant setting and we are free of worries concerning her health and safety."

Pierre Ménard

I came to Place Mont Roc five years ago because my sister had been here 15 years and she said that she loved it here!!! We have a great family feeling. We have good food and 5 choices at every meal. The prices are good and the service is good. Owners are on site and they’re good people!! Thank you!!

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